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Looking for a social companion pet who is less work than a dog? Make room for a cat. Suffer from high blood pressure, anxiety, stress, low moods? Get a cat. Want to laugh more and be regularly entertained at home? Get a few kittens. Travel a lot and want to sometimes bring a pet? Cat!

As a veterinarian who acquired her first cat after two years of clinical practice and a nearly lifelong allergy to cats, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and fun it was to have a kitten. After practicing full time for 2+ years, I had developed a high enough tolerance to cats that living with one was no great detriment for my allergies.

Cat Love imageMy kitten was every bit as social as my black lab but didn't need to be taken outside or exercised outside. And scooping a litter box was much easier than picking up in the yard. I had discovered the joy of cat ownership.

The antics of a kitten and acrobatic young adult cat provided entertainment and caused much laughter. The content snuggling and purring of a warm happy cat on my lap or next to my husband in bed provided comfort and contentment in turn.

Seeing my cat gently sniff the top of my newborn baby's head and then accept him by rubbing him with her chin was just more confirmation that the cat was already one of the family.

Dr. Kelly Kasum is an associate veterinarian at East Towne Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Kelly has practiced general small animal medicine and surgery in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin.