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Hello East Towne,
Thank you for again treating my Maggy like a star. She's really eager to "get her laser." In fact, she'll now get her leash from its basket when I tell her she's getting laser.
— Vicky Roesing

Canine Laser Therapy Patient, Tux the Australian ShepherdMy name is Tux and I am an Australian Shepherd. I am 12 years old. In my younger days I could race around the yard at the speed of light chasing rabbits and birds and I was always ready for a good game of fetch. Arthritis entered my life. I could only follow mom downstairs to help with laundry and work in the rec room twice a day. I would need to stop mid-way up/down the stairs to rest. After I chased a bunny in the yard would limp and need more pain meds. I stopped being very active. I have been on pain medication for my arthritis and I love to eat so I am overweight. My mom and dad signed me up for laser therapy as the quality of my life was not very good.

We didn't notice any difference in my stiffness and pain for the first three treatments. But the weekend after my fourth treatment, I started to feel better…lots better... When I chased a bunny in the yard I didn't limp afterwards. I can now follow mom upstairs and down as many times as I like with no pain discomfort. I can run around the yard like I use to barking at squirrels and I am again playing fetch with mom and dad. I can kick up grass with my back feet now too and it feels soooo good!!!

The laser therapy has turned back the clock on my old bones and I am so thankful. I still need a long nap after being a dog but I have not needed extra pain meds since starting the treatments. And it feels so good to be able to be a dog again. And since I am more active, mom says I look a little thinner too...
— Tux, Australian Shepherd

Canine Laser Therapy PatientLambeau’s arthritis, stiffness and pain have eased quite a bit since he has begun regular sessions of laser therapy. He joins in on family fun once again and no longer stays stationary when we come to him with treats. He is a much livelier dog and is acting puppy-ish once again! Although we are very appreciative of anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals, we are thrilled that we chose this drug-free alternative and appreciate its availability.
— Pam Lueken

Cat SallySushiWith the introduction of laser by East Town Veterinary Clinic’s Dr. Judy Gilbertson and professional staff, SallySushi's flexibility and mobility has increased. She was becoming a curmudgeon...but now she is her WOW-self again!

Not only mobility, but over the last two weeks of laser treatment we’ve noticed an improvement in this 14 year old's Cat-titude! SallySushi has gained confidence that it won’t hurt as much to walk throughout the house, to take the stairs at a more even clip, and to even jump onto the bed.

She has increased spunk, a renewed interest in toys, along with being slightly more interested in the foster kitties...every so slightly! And SallySushi seems happier (giving more kitty blinks and kisses) with an increase in appetite and desire to simply be a part of the family again.

We hope to continue to improve her lifestyle through this maintenance program.
— Amy Potokar

Canine Laser Therapy PatientMy two-year-old toy poodle Teddy was plagued by reoccurring, severe “hotspots” on his neck. After all courses of treatment were tried and resulted in only moderate improvement, Dr. Tunder suggested the new Laser Therapy. Teddy started to improve after every individual session, and, by the last one, the spot had completely healed. I’m so grateful that this therapy was available for my little guy, and that it was so successful!  — Joyce Madsen 

Teddy's neck completely healed after laser therapy treatments:

Before Canine Laser Therapy Treatments   After Canine Laser Therapy Treatments

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