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It's mosquito, flea & tick season! To keep your pet and family safe from these pests, East Towne Veterinary Clinic is now recommending Sentinel for heartworm, flea and internal parasite protection and Parastar Plus for the very best flea and tick control for dogs. And this month we are excited to offer you a Special Money Saving Promotion on Sentinel and Parastar Plus flea and tick control products!

  Sentinel - Parasite, Hearworm, Flea Prevention
  Parastar Plus - Flea & Tick Prevention for Pet Dogs

Did you know that 191 Lyme disease cases have been reported in Ozaukee County so far this year? Parastar Plus starts killing ticks in as little as an hour!

Sentinel protects your dog against heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, plus whipworms and fleas keeping your family safe from roundworm infections and your home free of fleas.

Special Offer on Sentinel and Parastar Plus

Get $10 back on every 6 month supply of Sentinel you purchase and get $5 back for every 3 pack of Parastar Plus you purchase.

Protection Is Prevention! Learn more about the dangers that ticks pose to your pets at DogsandTicks.com