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robin-cat-otisOriginally from Cedarburg, WI, Robin graduated from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay with a major in Animal Biology and a minor in Human Biology. She went into college with the mind set to become a veterinarian. That all changed when she discovered her love for wildlife rehabilitation in an internship and during classes.

After college, Robin had three internships all in the past two years dealing with wild animals. One was with wildlife rehabilitation at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, the second was at a small, privately-owned petting zoo in Delavan. The last one one was at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary working with large cats, bears and other exotic animals.

Robin enjoyed all of her internships because each one was different, hands-on, and very educational. She has always had a love for animals, both wild and domestic, and hopes to one day be able to work alongside people who have the same passion for wildlife rehab.